API V2 Documentation

  Docs by: Be Intelligent#1715


Welcome to UltraX API documentations, to begin you will need an api key which can be obtained at the account's home page. Now after you've gotten your api key, you must know that all the requests are GET requests. Make sure to read our Terms of Service in order to not violate any regulation and in worst cases getting totally banned. For v2 we don't use headers for the api key, instead we use it in the URL's parameters to make it easier. You need to keep in mind that we can stop you from requesting if you start spamming the api or violate the Terms of Service, We therefore record the origin of all requests (referrer and IP address) to moderated any violation, for further information you can check out our Privacy Policy.

Base URL:
- https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2

All endpoints can be found at https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/endpoints
P.S. All requests needs an API key

Node.JS Example

You might need to use JSON.parse() in some endpoints

        const fetch = require('axios');
        const key = "YOUR_API_KEY";
        let res = await fetch(`https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/random/meme?key=${key}`);
        return console.log(res.data)

PHP Example

            $key = "YOUR_API_KEY";
            $url = "https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/random/meme?key=$key";
            $ch = curl_init();
            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);
            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
            $result = curl_exec($ch);

            $data = json_decode($result, true);
            echo $data;

Python Example

        import requests
        import json
        response_API = requests.get('https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/random/meme?key={YOUR_KEY}')
        data = response_API.text
        parse_json = json.loads(data)

Would You Rather??

GET /wouldyourather ( NEW )

It Will Just Return a JSON, which will be 2 choices.

IP Info

GET /iplookup ( NEW )

It has only 1 Parameter: ip. It will information about the ip. E.g Location, city and google earth link to that ip.


GET /phishing ( NEW )

It has only 1 Parameter: url. It will tell if url is a pushing webiste or no.


GET /trace ( NEW )

It has only 1 Parameter: url. It will tell all redirects that the url is redirected to and if its a pushing webiste or no.


GET /trivia ( NEW )

It's Basic trivia with some customizability . It has 3 Parameters:


  • Easy
  • Medium ( Default )
  • Hard


  • Multiple (Multiple Choice) ( Default )
  • Boolean (True or False)


  • Random ( Default )
  • General Knowledge
  • Books
  • Film
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Maths
  • Mythology
  • Sports
  • Geography
  • History
  • olitics
  • Art
  • Celebrities
  • Animals
  • Vehicle
  • Anime & Manga

Image Manipulation

GET /image/{type} ( NEW )

This endpoint generate's images with the given parameters. List of all image manipulations with its parameters:

  • drake. [text1, text2]
  • texting. [text1, text2]
  • twobuttons. [text1, text2]
  • grayscale. [url]
  • spongebobburn. [url]
  • steppedonshit. [url]
  • wanted. [url]
  • rainbow. [url]
  • readthenotice. [text]
  • yeetchild. [text]
  • qrcode. [text, type, error]
Note: More info about qr code endpoint: https://api.ultrax-yt.com/details/qrcodes

• Stats

GET /stats ( NEW )

This endpoint is quota free! You can look at stats of your api key here!

Quotes Endpoints

GET /quotes/{type}

  • confidence
  • depression
  • facts
  • love
  • motivation
  • random

This endpoint simply return a random quote

URL Shorter

GET /url/{action}

  • create
  • delete
  • fetch

If you're going to use the create action, you will need 2 parameters which are:
  • url
  • id (optional)

url sets the URL that you want the link to forward to, as example https://google.com.
id sets the ID that identifies the URL, if you didn't set one, it will randomly generate 6 characters id. This is an example on how to use the short link https://ultrax-yt.com/url?id={id}.

Meanwhile the delete has only 1 param which is id, it's used to fetch the ID of the shorter URL and delete it.
P.S. If the shortern URL isn't yours, you will receive an error while deleting.

The fetch action has the same param id, and it returns the original URL it should forward to.


GET /random/{request}

  • joke
  • meme
  • word
  • movie

joke will return a random joke and it has no params.
meme will return a JSON with information about a meme gotten from a sub-reddit, and it also doesn't have any params.
word will return a completely random word and it has no params.
movie will return random popular movie with all it's details


GET /soundboard/{sound}

The sounds are all situated in the list of the endpoints, it just returns the sound link.
NOTE: It doesn't return a JSON. It returns Raw Data.

• Translate

GET /translate

  • from
  • to
  • query

from is the language you will translate from, you can use the language ISO 639-1 Code or its name, it can also be set to auto but its still in beta, however if you put an unsupported from language it will automatically change to auto.

to is the language it will be translated to, it works the same way you can use the language ISO 639-1 Code or its name, if the language is not supported or invalid, it will be switched automatically to en which stands for english.

query is basically the thing you want to translate, such as Hello World.

All supported languages can be found at https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/details/supported-translate-languages

• Weather

GET /weather

It will return a JSON with a lot of information about the weather such as the temperature, wind speed, etc...

query this will be the location you are searching its weather.

• Optical Character Recognition

GET /ocr

OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition." It is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image.

url which is basically the image url that will be scanned to return the text.
NOTE: It doesn't return a JSON. It returns Raw Data.

• Text to Speech

GET /tts

text-to-speech, a form of speech synthesis used to create a spoken version of the text in an electronic document. Basically it will speak the query you provided

query The text you want to "speech it".
language The language of the query, it's optional and the default is English. click here to see all supported languages

• Screenshot

GET /screenshot

It simply search through google the website URL you've provided and take a screenshot of the land page.

url the website URL to screenshot.

• Lyrics

GET /lyrics

It will search the lyrics of any song through the artist and the song name.
Its kind of sensitive, so you need to be precise.

author the song's author, also known as the artist who made the song.
song the song name you want its lyrics.

• Country Flags

GET /country

It has 255 country flags, you will use a parameter which will return the country flag, you can either use the country's Alpha-2 code or its full name. Put in value that this is not an engine that is going to search, but gonna check if the name exists in the database else return an error, so we prefer using Alpha-2o code.
Most of the supported countries can be found at https://api.ultrax-yt.com/v2/details/countries-name

query the name or alpha-2 code used to get the country flag.

• Shuffle

GET /shuffle

It shuffles the query characters and return it into a JSON format

query its the sentence, or the word you want to shuffle its characters.

• Roasts

GET /roasts

It simply just return a roast in a JSON format, and it has no params

• Shot on Iphone

GET /shot-on-iphone

It returns a youtube link with an shot on iphone meme and it has no params

Error Handling

You might face some errors, you will need to handle them and here is how...
You receive the error on a JSON format e.g. { error_code: 404, error_details: "NOT_FOUND" }

Error Details Error Code
No API Key was mentioned in the URL parameters 482
Invalid API Key 101
There is a missing parameter in the URL 122
The URL ID already exists 192
Missing Permissions 209
You've used all your monthly quota. 999
Weather location not found/invalid 405
Website to screenshot, invalid or not found 406
Something went wrong, please contact support. 384, 386, 386