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UltraX - API

API that includes all your wishes

Easy peasy

The API is really easy to use and provide documentations
to guide you while using it!
We offer support through our official email or discord server

Endless Endpoints

The API has tons of endpoints that are separated into categories
to keep them organized and understandable!
As usual it will be getting a lot of updates for more endpoints!


The API is secured and each user is given a unique API Key
to keep abusers away and give better performance!
Any abuse to the API leads to a ban to keep the API fast and secured!


The API's free plan offers 750 daily requests which is a lot.
However there is paid plans starting from $3 per month!
Which offers from 1,000 daily request to infinity daily requests!

Become a Member

Become a member today and enjoy all the API's features for free!
Not only that but you will get access to even more features
included in the website to enjoy!

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